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        IVS Video Library

        VALT Overview

        Intelligent Video Solutions develops video observation and recording systems designed specifically for clinical skills training and observation, medical simulation, interviews, and many other institutional applications. Our flagship product, VALT, leverages industry standard IP cameras and audio capture to empower end users to create and manage their own video database. VALT can be deployed within any organization looking to use video to improve training, education, or research.



        VALT for Simulation

        Using video to record clinical simulation labs enables instructors and students to review recorded lab sessions and greatly increases the effectiveness of learning. The VALT audio-video solution for medical simulation labs is a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that entirely removes the need for bulky video equipment in each room.

        VALT for Skills and Research

        An important component of most modern skills and research labs is video observation and review. Video can be used to create effective aids for learning across all disciplines. Students learn at a faster rate as instructors are able to provide better coaching and analysis of the work and are able to view “best use” examples from the video library.



        VALT for Clinical Skills

        Clinical skills training is an essential part of many clinical education programs, and integrating audio video capture and observation technology optimizes staff resources and accelerates the ability of student clinicians to provide care while increasing patient satisfaction.

        VALT for Police Interviews

        Unintelligible, missed or lost recordings can cause major issues for police interviews. Thanks to VALT, they are a thing of a past. VALT offers a turnkey video system that integrates with standard IP camera technology to offer high-quality video and audio footage while remaining unobtrusive and simple to operate.



        VALT Case Study: Mount Royal University

        Mount Royal University (MRU) in Calgary, Canada, provides an exceptional undergraduate educational experience to 12,000 students, with a belief that talented and committed educators are the driving force behind student success. To support their faculty in delivering a collaborative learning experience, MRU installed the VALT application in its child development lab – a “living classroom” for research and education – and its nursing simulation lab.



        VALT Case Study: WLC Nursing Simulation

        Wisconsin Lutheran College utilizes the VALT video recording and observation platform for two simulation labs in their nursing program. Prior to installing VALT, WLC was recording their simulation activities with iPads. Ultimately, they decided this process was inefficient and they required a system that was easier to use and more efficient.

        VALT Case Study: USC Psychology Services Center

        The USC Psychology Services Center trains PhD students and prepares them for their career in Psychology. One of the reasons they required a video system was so the Center’s supervisors could observe the PhD student’s services and provide them with high quality feedback after reviewing their recorded sessions.



        VALT Case Study: City of Bend Police Department

        The City of Bend Police Department in central Oregon considers video recording a vital part of their police work and a critical element of the justice system. The department uses video to interview suspects, witnesses and victims of crime, as well as gather intelligence, conduct surveillance and support criminal proceedings.

        VALT Case Study: TWU Stroke Center

        After trying two video systems with less-than-satisfying results in the past, The Stroke Center at Texas Women’s University (TWU) in Dallas, Texas installed a VALT video solution to observe and train the graduate-level speech pathology students who worked with stroke victims.